Storm Eagle – Part 1

Good evening!

The first proper post on here will be the first of many all about my newly purchased Storm Eagle gunship from Forge World. The current retail price of this resin/plastic hybrid kit is a cool £80 (actually closer to £90 with shipping) and unfortunately for me, a lot of these components have arrived quite seriously warped. Not a happy camper in truth.

Called Forge World.

Forge World said (albeit nicely):  “Get over it and put the components in hot water for 10 minutes, then reshape them “.

So I am in the process of doing exactly that. Not too big a chore I know but really, the quality control should be better.

Cleaning, trimming and assembling models is a lengthy process in itself – I shouldn’t have to reshape parts of the kit as well!

Some pics:

Storm Eagle

Storm Eagle – Warped

Anyway, the work has begun and I will report back with updates.

*** UPDATE ***

This is where I am after about 5 hours of work on reshaping and reshaping and reshaping some more.

Storm Eagle – Reshaped

Storm Eagle – Partial Build


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