First play-test of 6th Edition

Myself, Joe and Chris decided that it was about time we stopped work, cleared some time in our increasingly busy schedules, sent the wives/girlfriends/Warhammer widows off somewhere and tried to get to grips with some of the new rules.
We didn’t bother with any proper army lists but just chose a few units from each army* to have a small battle with and try and learn some more about 6th Edition.

*Please forgive the unfinished/unpainted models and scenery!

Chris was using Grey Knights:

  • 1 x Purgation Squad
  • 1 x Purifier Squad
  • 1 x Inquisitor
  • 1 x Storm Raven

I was using Space Marines:

  • 1 x Librarian
  • 1 x Storm Talon
  • 1 x Terminator Squad

Joe was using Tau:

  • 1 x Hammerhead
  • 3 x Crisis Suits (inc. HQ)
  • 1 x Fire Warrior Squad
  • Aegis Line and Quad Cannon

The major clashes…

Chris won the roll off** for the first turn and unloaded several Psycannons in the direction of my Terminators (who all survived! 2+ armour save FTW!) and then shot up Joe’s Tau quite nicely with the Storm Raven. This first turn took some time while we examined the flyer rules in detail with regards to how zooming and hovering works with shooting.

I went second and shot up a few of the Grey Knights with the terminators, managing to kill a couple with the heavy flamer and then gave the Storm Raven everything that I had on the Storm Talon; the result? -1 Hull Point and a weapon destroyed result (which removed the Mindstrike Missiles – anything else would’ve been better!).

Joe’s turn produced, hands down, the worst dice rolls I’ve seen since my debut at a 40K doubles tournament (I rolled two lots of double 6’s in a row during psychic tests and killed my Librarian before he killed anyone else!). So he threw railguns and missile pods at the Storm Raven – as well as the full force of the quad cannon – and only stripped off another hull point! He would have done more damage if his Tau had actually thrown the railgun and missile pods at the Storm Raven!


Tau holding the line…

Back to Chris, who obviously was abused by Terminators as a child or something, and rolled 10 hits (and then 8 wounds) against my Terminators with the hurricane bolters on the Storm Raven – two of them failed their save! The Purifiers also killed quite a few of Joe’s Fire Warriors.

For my second turn I zoomed my Storm Talon within a few inches of Chris’s Storm Raven and ….. caused NO damage with my Skyhammer missiles! But, luckily for me, the assault cannon was kind enough to strip the last hull point from the Storm Raven – BOOM!



Smoking flyers…


Joe decided that he also needed to get in on this act and promptly quad cannoned the life out of my Storm Talon (thanks Joe!).

We then spent about 10 minutes reading the new assault rules before attempting a small round of combat between the Marines and Grey Knights – while Joe sat back happily shooting at the Purifier squad.

** FYI, Chris has the luckiest dice rolls in the history of everything, ever. He should go to Vegas!

So…  2 hours and some discussions – bordering on bickering – later we have had a look at how a few of the new rules work.

And here are our thoughts…


I actually like the Psyker rules a lot. I’m totally onboard with having a choice of what psychic discipline to use and using warp charge tokens to enable you to utilise these powers sensibly!

I think the ‘Overwatch’ rule to fire snapshots at charging troops is excellent also and has been needed for some time as well as the 2D6 charge range itself.

Flyers need some more experimentation on my part I think but so far I quite like the rules and enjoyed playing with the Storm Talon.

Assaulting and subsequent combat seems a little more complex than it was beforehand, (although I accept I may just need to play more games) . Figuring out pile-ins, and who could attack who and the initiative order was a bit confusing.

Hull Points – Tanks seem to have had quite a serious nerf. For the amount of points that a vehicle costs, it seems strange that you can destroy it with a unit of Necron Warriors without ever causing a penetrating hit! I actually think the idea of Hull points is a good one but I’m not entirely on board with the way it’s been utilised.

All in all, so far I’d say that 6th Edition is a positive move forwards for 40K but more playing time is needed.


I quite like a lot of the new rules with a few exceptions. The new pysker rules work really well, with the core rules fairly similar to the previous edition but different enough to make you need to pay careful attention to the wordings. The addition of the disciplines is a great move, I’ve always enjoyed the slightly random nature of Warhammer Fantasy’s magic, so this one ticks the box.

Overwatch is back!!!! Hell yes! This is a great counter balance to the new random charge distances (also love it), But I can see Ork players having the biggest benefit from this given they generally need a 5+ to hit anyway. If I’d have written the rule, I may have done it slightly differently.

Flyers….. pretty good on the whole and they certainly deserve some more use to see how to get the most out of them. My main gripe is more at vehicles in general.

Also my ravenwing may have to see a comeback tour….. toughness 5 and needing strength 10 to instant death. Sweet!!!!!!


Assault. Not too difficult, but a whole load of new rules to get to grips with. Whats that? AP on CC Weapons……. Terminators just became the new default CC specialists! My main gripe is pile in moves. You assault, and then you can then move again 3” at your initiative step?????? I can understand the defending unit piling in but the unit that just moved and charged gets to move up further, sorry what!? I’ll be re-reading that section this evening.

Hull points, Similar to Neil’s comments. Love the idea but I would have preferred to see glancing hits cause a crew shaken/stunned on a d6 roll of 1-3 and a hull point removed on a 4+.

All told I like the way 6th ed has gone and looking forward to plenty more games to help Neil and Joe prepare for the Throne of Skulls, alongside a few long nights mercilessly scouring through the rule book for any small loop-holes.


Manning the quad cannon was really useful but it’s best done with a small unit because all fire must be directed at the same thing. This will result in a number of wasted shots which potentially, a) can’t penetrate armour or b) the quad gun may have already killed.

Buying scenery is relatively cheap and against the right AP value weapons, very useful because of the cover save provided.

As you can imagine, playing Tau makes me pleased about the 2D6 rules on assaulting. Chris’s Purifier squad failed to stop my quad cannon fun. Hopefully this will buy me some future saves because once the gun line is broken it’s practically over for Tau.

Neil, Chris and Joe

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