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Hi all,
So as part of #forgeworldonly I’ve gone for a heresy list of the purple and gold flavour, better known as the Emperors Children. The list below is one I’ve thought about quite a bit and am currently fairly happy with. Unfortunately being the hobby butterfly I am, expect this to change as Forge World’s release schedule slowly gets unveiled. Must not buy titans! Well not before picking up an airbrush.
Without much further ado, the army list ……

Praetor – 225

Master crafted paragon blade
Jump pack
Iron halo
Melts bomb
Digi lasers
Sonic shrieker
Plasma pistol
Palatine Blade squad – 225
Power weapons
Jump packs
Sonic shriekers
Melta bombs
10 man Destroyer squad – 400
Melta bombs
Jump packs 2 missile launchers w/ suspensor webs
20 man assault squad – 440
4 Power weapons
10 man tactical squad – 150
Apothecary  45
Storm eagle – 265
Multi Melta
Twin las cannon upgrade
Looking forward to seeing peoples progress at the jan meet up.
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Reblogged from Docbungle! Fascinating read for those, like me, that are interested in DZC!
Neil 🙂

The Wargaming Bear

Welcome to my latest review this time I have something very special and something I have been waiting to get my hands on for a long time.

Thats right I have got my mitts on one of the DZC starter sets 😀 We shall be looking at the Scourge standard set ( in case you havent noticed). So let us not mess about and get down to it.

The Box

To start with the box and first impressions;

It’s a well (graphically) designed box with a main picture that you can see on the website.

The back explains the contents. Something I will mention is the card is pretty thin and for something that is expensive I would have liked a sturdy box. However this thinness maybe due to the inside packaging, speaking of which;

As you can see the link up with KR multicase is pretty damn strong ;)…

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Tau Cadre #ForgeWorldOnly

405 Points

Commander R’alai (Pulse Submunitions Rifle)

XV9 Body Guards x2 (Twin Burst Cannon and Twin Phased Ion Cannon)

Multi Trackers, Blacksun Filters


140 Points

    Fire Warrios x6 (Pulse Carbines and Rifles)

Fire Warrios x6 (Pulse Carbines and Rifles)


220 Points

    XV84 x2 (Plasma Rifle, Flamers, Multi Tracker, Shield Drone)

XV89 x1 (Burst Cannon, Flamers, Multi Tracker)

    240 Points
XV84 x3 (Plasma Rifles, Missile Pods, Multi Tracker, Blacksun Filter)

Fast Attack:

100 Points

    Tetras x2 (Marlerlights, Twin Pulse Rifles)
225 Points
Barracuda (Ion Cannon, Burst Cannons, Twin Missile Pods, Decoy Launcher)

279 Points
XV88 x 3 (Twin Railguns, Twin Smart Missile Systems, Blacksun Filter, Shield Drones)
140 Points
Hammerhead (Plasma Cannons, Twin Burst Cannons, Decoy Launcher)



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