Hi all,
So as part of #forgeworldonly I’ve gone for a heresy list of the purple and gold flavour, better known as the Emperors Children. The list below is one I’ve thought about quite a bit and am currently fairly happy with. Unfortunately being the hobby butterfly I am, expect this to change as Forge World’s release schedule slowly gets unveiled. Must not buy titans! Well not before picking up an airbrush.
Without much further ado, the army list ……

Praetor – 225

Master crafted paragon blade
Jump pack
Iron halo
Melts bomb
Digi lasers
Sonic shrieker
Plasma pistol
Palatine Blade squad – 225
Power weapons
Jump packs
Sonic shriekers
Melta bombs
10 man Destroyer squad – 400
Melta bombs
Jump packs 2 missile launchers w/ suspensor webs
20 man assault squad – 440
4 Power weapons
10 man tactical squad – 150
ApothecaryΒ  45
Storm eagle – 265
Multi Melta
Twin las cannon upgrade
Looking forward to seeing peoples progress at the jan meet up.
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  1. Ian Dourley says:

    Hi Neil. Im the other Ian, the friend of Iain Craig, he said i should drop you a comment to reveal myself πŸ™‚ this seemed like the best post to comment upon as im currently beginning a heresy army myself. World Eaters in my case. also scratch buliding my own Angron.

    • tykensrift says:

      Hi there mate πŸ™‚

      Yeah I’m all about the Pre-Heresy stuff. The damn books have their hooks in me. I’m doing Death Guard myself but Chris (who also writes on this blog) is doing the Emperors Children.

      The World Eater stuff on display at Games Day was stunning. You’re doing your own Angron sculpt? That’s hardcore. Would you be willing to take WIP pics and do a review of that for this blog?

  2. Ian Dourley says:

    I have a vision for my World Eaters army, im going to be pretty strict about what i include, ill also be mixing forgeworld, Anvil and Maximini components for the desired look, along with some choice warhammber bits. My first squad will be jump pack equipped Rampagers armed with (Mostly) meteor hammers πŸ™‚
    I would be happy to offer some WIP pics, I dont have any from the earliest days of this current incarnation, but i do have pics of previous attempts that i ultimately rejected (fundamentally different looks to what i have arrived at now) but they are all parts of the process i suppose.

    I also have a some pics of my Horus, sanguinius and fulgrim conversions if your interested?

    • tykensrift says:

      Cool, cool. It would be nice to feature someone elses work for a change.

      If you have any pictures from start to finish of any of your projects that would be best for a step-by-step review but in all honesty I’ll happily post a showcase of anything that’s finished. Those Rampagers sound good for that when you’re done.

      I think I’ve seen your Horus conversion before. I’m sure Iain showed me a picture but I could be wrong. Always keen to see peoples Primarchs! πŸ™‚

      • Ian Dourley says:

        sorry. I initiated contact then went away for a while, Had a diploma to finish πŸ™‚ Angron is coming along nicely, i have to figure out his feet/boots then sculpt a cloak and im pretty much ready for painting. I have also been thinking about how best to paint my first squad, which will be jump pack equipped Destroyers (yes, i know i said Rampagers originally) i have a couple of ideas, it would be great if i could bounce them of you and see what you think of the approach i have in mind? anyways, drop me an e mail if you want pics, or too continue the discussion without clogging up your blog πŸ™‚

      • tykensrift says:

        Hi mate πŸ™‚

        Sent you an email.


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