Good evening!

This will be the first of my weekly updates, to be written every Wednesday, chronicling my Warhound Titan project. I’m still very much in the building phase – which means filing, trimming and sanding in reality – and so far I have managed to construct the legs and clean up some of the carapace.

Time spent is approximately 6 hours at the moment. I’ll taken pictures at each key point in the process and they are all visible below.


Most of this kit has gone together surprisingly easily. I was dreading having to heat and reshape of fill loads of air bubbles but (so far) that hasn’t proven to be the case.

The feet went together without much fuss at all and thus far, most of my time has just been spent cleaning up the parts, removing flash, filing and sanding.



I’ve decided not to pin anything other than pinning the torso to the legs. I’ve taken this decision after doing some research, watching some YouTube videos and mostly after using a nice EvoStick epoxy resin that I bought – this stuff is briliant! It takes a few minutes to set, so you have enough time to position precisely and then it sets hard, rock hard! I’m very impressed.


I will magnetise the guns, carapace and head cover, so that the interior is viewable but everything else is getting epoxied down! 🙂

As always, any feedback or suggestions are appreciated.

Until next week!



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