Good evening!


Not even Christmas merriment (or shitty WordPress messing up my first attempt at this!) can prevent Titan Wednesday!


So far I’ve taken about 11 hours or so to get where I am and I’m not tearing my hear out just yet. I do seem to be amassing a great deal of ‘bits’ though which need gluing to other bits before something goes pinging off my desk and into the warp.

titan bits


I think I’ll probably not magnetise the guns now, because of the resin cabling that is part of the gun assembly. I just feel that this will be something else to break off or need magnetising too and I don’t think I can be bothered 🙂


For those that don’t know, Forge World supply some lengths of resin cabling which need to be cut to size and heated to be bent into shape for the particular head or weapon pose required. I’ve spent the last 45 minutes or so trying to heat and shape some of the resin cabling so I can attach the head. My my, what a frustrating experience. I’ve given up for the time being so I can write this post out and I’ll probably go back to it tomorrow.


resin cabling


Anyway, other than that, I’ve successfully assembled to bulk of the head and body. Although there was a pant wetting moment when I took a hand away and the whole body fell apart and covered my hands, desk and jeans in epoxy resin! Smell it? I was sitting in it! It was a heart stopping moment. I managed to resolve it though and get all the parts back together where they should be.


torso inverted


I think the hardest part of the torso was the sawing and sanding of excess resin pieces. It took a while to get the surfaces smooth and I’m sure I’ve inhaled too much resin dust! However, it’s all looking good so far and I hope I can get it built in a couple more weeks. I have to investigate a base at the weekend!




Until next week! 🙂





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