The Titan Project – WEEK 4

I’m late.

Soon to be the late Mr Neil if I keep missing my Wednesday slot!

Unfortunately real life has intruded this week but I do have an update 🙂

I’m on about 18 hours of work so far and I’ve started the painting the guns! I like guns.

I really need to undercoat the rest of the model and associated components but there hasn’t been a dry day for a while when I’ve had free time and nor has there been enough light when I get home from work.

As this is the situation, I decided to paint a few bits. Followers of this blog series will know that I was going to paint the internals – and I still will – but I have changed focus slightly to the weapons and armour panels.



I’m going for Legio Astorum (The Warp Runners) because I like the colour scheme and because Forge World have done a few of their showcase Titans in the same scheme, it means there is a lot of helpful material and information in the Model Masterclass books.

photo(25) photo(23)

For the guns, I heavily dry brushed the areas I felt would be metallic and then washed them with Drakenhof Nightshade and Gryphonne Sepia and at the time of writing this, I have just washed them with Army Painter Strong Tone too – Devlan Mud/Agrax Earthshade would be fine also.

That’s it so far! A short, sharp update. I will now get back to the big guns!



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