Eden Hazard just kicked a ballboy!

The world has gone mad…

Fortunately Titan Wednesday has arrived to inject some much needed normality.

It’s a short update today because I’ve had a pretty busy week and have spent most of my hobby hours painting my Realm of Battle board – blog post to come with step-by-step – and working on my 40k doubles army for the tournament in a couple of months.

photo 5

I’ve mostly been concentrating on painting for the last week. I have sadly not started work on my base but the foam putty has arrived so work will commence this weekend! I’ve made big strides with the cockpit/head and I’m really pleased with teh metal work and yellow – in my slightly biased opinion, the camera isn’t doing it justice!

photo 2 photo 3

I’ve also nearly finished the guns. I just need to layer the blue and pick out control panel details and lights and so on and as you can see below, I have washed the legs with Drakenhof Nightshade and Gryphonne Sepia. They will now get a dark brown wash and then some careful light drybrushing with Ironbreaker before I pick out the pistons and gold Aquila’s that are all over them. 🙂

photo 4 photo 1

I have also basecoated the main carapace in Kantor Blue and that’s where I am so far.

Thanks for reading!


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3 thoughts on “THE TITAN PROJECT – Week 6

  1. docbungle says:

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    More great wip

  2. Love the metal work, particulary on the legs. Looks very realistic.

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