Tau Cadre #ForgeWorldOnly

So for those of you chaps and chappets unaware of the crazy brain fart that is #ForgeWorldOnly allow me to elaborate. #ForgeWorldOnly is the idea of @Richard2507’s that a load of us WH lovers should build an army comprising mostly of resin. Warped resin to be precise (it happens).

This is in fact my second list. The list I produced originally was not unfortunately legal, as you can only take FW’s XV8 Crisis Suits in HQ Units. I’ll still use them as Elites because a) they look awesome and b) I’ve already bought them, but I’ll just use their normal stats in game.


I’ve also, due to recent events, added a Titan smasher to the list, a Tiger Shark AX-1-0. It has Twin Linked Heavy Railguns. That’s right, BOOM!


Shas’o R’myr (Double Barrelled Plasma Rifle, Shield, Flechettes, Ejector System)

Shas’vre Crisis Suits x2 (XV81, XV84, Plasma Rifle, Flamer, Burst Cannon, Multi Tracker)

323 Points



Fire Warriors x10 (Pulse Carbines and Rifles)

Fire Warriors x10 (Pulse Carbines and Rifles)

220 Points



Crisis Suits x 3 (Plasma Rifles, Flamers, Burst Cannon, Multi Tracker)

150 Points


Fast Attack:

Hazard Support x3 (Twin Linked Burst Cannons, Retro Thrusters, Shield Generators)

150 Points

Tetras x2 (Marlerlights, Twin Pulse Rifles)

100 Points

Tiger Shark AX-1-0 (Twin Linked Heavy Railgun, Missile Pods, Burst Cannon, Disruption Pod)

660 Points



Hammerhead (Plasma Cannons, Smart Missile System, Decoy Launcher)

145 Points


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