The Titan Project – Week 10

Well here we are at week 10.

It doesn’t feel like I’ve done a great deal to be honest and I feel like I’ve got so much further to go but total time spend is about 25 hours or so at this point, so I guess that’s not too bad after all.

Good news. This week I have started the base! *waits for applause*   Ok, ok, settle down now…   grab a biscuit and allow me to explain.

I took my nice piece of ever so slightly misshapen MDF and collection of ‘bits’ ….




And then added some of this lovely scenic foam putty…




And I did this…


3 5 4


As the eagle eyed amongst you will notice, I have added some etched brass, some 40k plastics and bits from the 40k basing kit as well as some of the Forge World resin blocks that are part of the moulding process (I have a million of these since buiding this titan!) which are forming concrete tank traps! I have shamelessly borrowed this idea from fellow #warmonger @docbungle. If you are reading this and use Twitter, go and follow him immediately. Seriously. Do it now. This post will wait a few seconds. 🙂

All done? Ace!

The scenic foam was very easy to work with and I just got my hands involved to be honest and carefully made a little impact crater as well as avoiding the area when the titans feet will sit. I pretty much just pushed these bits and pieces into the foam whilst wet and let it set around them – it takes a while to do so and I left it all night.

The next day i set about adding some Stirland Mud, which if you’ve not used it before, is part of the Citadel Texture paint range. I don’t personally like it for miniature bases but it’s fantastic for adding depth and texture to scenery and let’s face it, this base is more like scenery than a standard mini base.


6 7 8


This took me a full two pots of Stirland Mud but I’ve happy with the results so far. After letting the first coat dry I’ve since added some more to help bulid up certain areas and remove unnatural looking areas. Next up for this will be a coat of thinned out PVA glue to seal it all in and then some patches of sand and small gravel. I should be able to do that for next weeks post.

Whilst I was waiting the many hours it took these coats of mud to dry I set about finishing off the Turbo Laser. I have done so! I have finally finished something! I’m so excited I could crap. I have digressed.

So… here it is:


10 11


I’m really pleased with how it’s turned out and I hope the rest of the model lives up to this. I’ve got what I think is a nice metallic effect with carefully chosen highlights using Ironbreaker and the bronze/golden bits of detail were painted with Tin bitz and then Runelord brass and then given a wash of Coelia Greenshade to remove some sheen and give a dirty copper feel. I think it’s worked but It’s hard to see in these photos.




I tried to add some very sharp highlights on the blue areas using the Citadel edge paint ‘Blue Horror’. Again this looks better in the flesh than the pictures but I’m happy with how it turned out. I am not really looking forward to using the same method on the main carapace as it’s going to be seriously hard work.

I added the last pic here to show the rusty streaks (not a euphemism for ‘skidmark’) on the top of the barrels. This was achieved effortlessly with AK Streaking Grime (012). This stuff is BRILLIANT. If you want to add tank grime or rusty streaks to anything, I can’t recommend it enough.




Well that’s me done for another week.

Thanks for reading once again. I promise to finish this one day! 🙂



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