Blocked by VoxCaster

So many of you may, or may not have noticed that @VoxCaster has stopped appearing in your time line. Well that’s because you’ve been BLOCKED!

You’ve probably been blocked because of the Space Marine IP criticism for either tweeting to @VoxCaster or retweeting someone else’s tweet. Not that retweeting equals endorsement. Anyway you’re not alone.

I imagine the inquisitor managing the @VoxCaster account was exclaiming and clicking at the time; “heretic, heretic, lost to the warp, demon, nob… Ork nob even, heretic”

Oh well…. I’m sure we’ll all live.

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One thought on “Blocked by VoxCaster

  1. Wolfsherz says:

    hmm, may be its not the best promotion to block people which have not the same opinion… but I’m sure Gw thinks thats a good way. The last post from @voxcaster i can see is 11 days old 🙂 not sure if i were blocked by them

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