The Titan Project – Week 11


For any people that have stuck with me for the previous 10 posts, thank you! 🙂

For anyone that hasn’t seen them yet…   (psst…  you should go read them!)

Anyway…  for this weeks update I have continued working on the base and have begun painting the cockpit crew. I have also picked out some more detail on the mega bolter and given the main carapace armour another wash but I figured people may be bored of seeing the same bits each week, so I’ll give them a break.


photo 1


After the sand had dried on the base I sprayed it black and then gave it a nice heavy drybrush of Bestial Brown and then a really heavy drybrush of Graveyard Earth. After that I decided to break away slightly from my normal basing routine – only slightly though – and I used the Citadel Dry paints Tyrant Skull and Praxeti White as light drybrushed highlights over the top.


photo 3

photo 4


The next step now is to pick out the base details like rocks, tank traps, weapons, the barrel as so on. I’ll also need to add some scorched and burnt static grass and I’m really undecided about whether to use water effects in the crater. I want to but I think I want to just to use water effects rather than because i really think it’s going to bring anything to the model.

As mentioned at the start of this post, I’ve made some progress on the titan crew. I’ve basecoated the two pilots with Eshin Grey for the suits and Sycorax Bronze for the helmets and that’s as far as they’ve got but I’ve done more work on the Princeps. His overcoat has been painted with Scab Red and then lightly washed with Carroburg Crimson. I’ve not done anything to the chest plate or boots yet, as most of the effort has gone on the face.


photo 2

photo 2 (2)


I’ve used a base of Dark Flesh on the face, followed by a very careful coat of Rakarth Flesh making sure I leave the recesses well alone and then highlighted the most pronounced areas with Pallid Wych Flesh. I wanted him to have a pasty not-seen-the-sun-for-six-months look about him and these colours fit the bill nicely. Just before writing this post I base coated the bionic eye with black and picked out the normal eye with a strip of white and a dot of black!


photo 1 (2)


That’s it for this week!




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