Playing Tau in 6th Ed


Playing Tau in 6th Ed has just got better and hopefully even more so when the new codex arrives in the coming months!

In the interim here are some of the things I’ve been taking advantage of since the new rulebook.

Fire Warriors:

FW’s were pretty much the lure for me getting into Tau, they have cool helmets, wicked looking tech and some high strength long range weapons, and the Pulse Rifle is no exception.

In 6th Ed the general range of a Pulse Rifle has increased. Not only can models move and shoot at the same distance but Rapid Fire is now half the full range of a weapon. That’s a 15inch increase after movement, and a 3inch increase on rapid firing distance, making your Fire Warriors range even more deadly than before.

That wall of fire endured by your enemies trudging slowly across the battle field just got a lot bigger!

Second reason for Fire Warriors getting even better is Overwatch! No Tau player wants to get assaulted, down the boozer or on the battle field… board. So at least now you have one last chance to fend them off or take a few with you before they gut your squashy blue men silly.


Astonishingly Suit’s also got a wicked movement boost. Potentially suits can now move up to 24 inches in one movement phase. “WHAT?!” I hear you cry? Yes that’s right Astartes, 24 inches, jet packing around, bobbing side to side and blasting off plasma in your face….! hmm…

So how does that work? Well Crisis Suits have Jet Packs, so in the assault phase they can move again with the roll of two dice. This would mean moving in all three phases, Movement, Shooting and Assault. In reality it’s rare that you’re going to move that far but if you’re in a hurry it’ll help. All in all the average potential distance covered by a Crisis Suit has gone up.


Gun Drones, Shield Drones, those flying little MacBook Pros are useful to have around for another reason, Look Out Sir! They are now perfect for dodging that potential deadly blow to one of your characters.

Stealth Suits:

Stealth Suits will survive longer as they now have both the Shrouded and Stealth universal special rule.  This gives them a 4+ cover save in the open and a 2+ cover save in the… well… cover. Finally they are worthy of the name, stealth.

Night Fighting:

Blacksun Filters now negate night fighting rules completely. This is excellent although in most games I’ve played night fighting only takes effect in the first turn. If you’re a Tau player or playing against Tau you’ll know that the first turn is for hiding behind hills and buildings away from those Railguns. So on occasion this can seem like a waste of points on equipment that doesn’t get used.


Two good things I’ve noticed: One; I can save points on equipment which would have provided cover by instead taking advantage of the new Jink save rules. Two; by taking a multi-tracker I can now move 12 and fire EVERYTHING.

However in 6th Ed all vehicles suffer from Hull Points. A few glancing hits here and there and by round two your vehicle is finished. My advice is this, if you need a Hammerhead with a Railgun, save your points for a Twin-Linked Broadside, it’s a no brainer.


Ok, so it’s death from above. Tau fluff talks about Sky-Rays shooting down aircraft. In Epic games Sky-Rays can shoot down aircraft. So why can’t my Sky-Ray shoot down aircraft!!!! *sobs in hands*

Anyway I’m sure that’ll come with the new codex… I think, maybe, hopefully, oh god, please no more Necron Flyers! (Or as @NeilChallis calls it, Cron Air!)


And so enters the vast combinations of alliances now available to Tau, including Battle Brothers with Eldar and Space Marines. Xenos loving Astartes? Wow, things really have gone downhill since the Emperor took a long vacation.

Anyway I’m now planning my own Eldar force, commonly known to the community as T’Eldar. Cool isn’t?

Potentially you can now take advantage of other armies’ superior weapon skill by attaching the likes of Lysander to your squashy blue unit. Let him play his version of Halo Griffball with the enemy, BOOM!


Thanks for reading, feel free to comment. Abuse, Tau rage, Marine rage (also known as roid rage), is all tolerated. Enjoy!


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