Showcase: Dark Angel Nephilim Fighter

Good morning!

We the bloggers of Tykens Rift have decided to begin a new weekly series of showcase posts which will serve to display finished models that any one of us has been working on for any one of our armies. We’re not ‘Eavy Metal standard painters but we like to think we do a decent job and are always happy to share tips or information about how certain effects have been achieved.

Occasionally these posts will tie in with a tutorial – such at the Imperial Fist one that Chris wrote – but more often they will simply be a window to gather feedback or (hopefully) help to inspire others. We decided to write these posts on a Monday as it nicely ties in with the popular #MiniatureMonday stream on Twitter where others post pictures of their own models or work-in-progress stuff.

If you have any questions about one of our showcase posts and would like more details, please leave a comment on the page or reply via Twitter where they will always be linked on the #MiniatureMonday hashtag.

I now hand over to Chris for the inaugural showcase!



So, fresh off my painting table is the first of my new Dark Angel models; The Nephilim Jet Fighter.

It’s been out for a while but I’ve been tied up with my Fortress of Redemption (more on that in a few weeks!) and other Dark Angels in preparation for Battle Brothers in April. There will be a Raven Wing tutorial to follow when I have time to write it up πŸ™‚


photo 1

photo 3

photo 2

photo 4


This fighter was painted using Chaos Black, Codex Grey, Shadow Grey, Astronomican Grey, Space Wolf Grey, White and a black wash. The main armour is highlighted with some subtle drybrushing that looks great up close.

I welcome comments, questions, suggestions or (mild) abuse πŸ™‚



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