The Titan Project – Week 14

Here we are then. Week 14.

So far so good I think. I’m pretty pleased with how my base turned out as well as the weapons and more recently the leg armour plates.

This week I’ve started working on some of the outer detail and continued painting the cockpit crew. The ventilation panel, and exit hatches have been highlighted with my – what must now be familiar πŸ™‚ – recipe of Alaitoc Blue and then Blue Horror on the very corners. This will help with theΒ  weathering effects later down the line and will look much more smooth once I’ve done the same to the main carapace armour.

I’ve also basecoated and washed the purity seals and Mechanicum skull, with Bestial Brown and Graveyard Earth respectively.


photo 1


I’m (hopefully!) going to get these carapace highlights finished by the weekend so I can mask up and airbrush some hazard stripes! I really want to get that done this weekend so I’m going to try and make that happen but it really depends on how long I stay at the beer festival on Friday evening! πŸ˜€

As mentioned at the beginning of the post, I’ve also finished the Princeps and the cockpit controls. I could also leave the Moderati as ‘done’ now but knowing me I’ll find a few bits and pieces to paint on them so I’ll say they’re not finished quite yet. I painted all the cockpit controls in green – Dark Angel Green, Thraka Green Wash, Snot Green, Scorpion Green and Waywatcher Green Glaze.




For the Princeps, I continued to work on the overcoat with Evil Suns Scarlet, Jokaero Orange and Bloodletter Glaze and blending as carefully I could and I’m reasonably happy with the result. I painted the chest plate with Shining Gold and washed with Agrax Earthshade and later I highlighted it with Golden Griffon. The eyepiece and metal connectors on the back of the head were painted in Runefang Steel and washed with Drakenhof Nightshade.


photo 3

photo 2


That’s where I am at the moment! I’ve just noticed that I’ve missed a few cockpit control lights so I’ll probably finish them now πŸ™‚

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