The Titan Project – Week 15

It’s Chico time!!!

Ok..  it’s not, but it IS Titan update time! 🙂

We at Tykens Rift are taking a little break from all these Tau-gasms to show off some more progress.

I’m hard at work on my Space Marines for the upcoming Battle Brothers tournament next month, so shamefully, my Warhound has taken a bit of a back seat but I have added some bits.

First off I have picked out all the little skulls and plates and icons on the legs in Tin Bitz and then with Runelord Brass but I’ve tried to leave some of the Tin Bitz showing here and there. They will eventually be gold but these are the first steps in my new gold recipe! It’s taken me ages to settle on a way of painting gold that I’m happy with but I now have one that I think looks effective and not too over-the-top shiny. My Lysander model which will be on show soon has a good example of this on the thunder hammer, but that’s for another day 🙂


photo 2(1)

photo 1(1)

photo 1


One they’re finished I just need to add a little bit of weathering I think and then that’s the legs pretty much done. I will then fix them to the base and divert attention back to the main body. I have started painting the underside of the carapace now but I only got as far as undercoating some of the pipework and grills because of a catastrophic foot break that need some serious epoxy love! Obviously the Titan’s foot, not mine. I also repositioned the magnet for the main ventilation chamber as I wasn’t happy with how it sat on top of the model but I haven’t photographed that.


photo 2



The only other things this week were finishing the Aquila on the head canopy and picking out the screens inside. I’ve used my new gold recipe for the former and my tried and tested green lens blend for the screens! That’s pretty much done now as far as the head in concerned – the canopy at least – although I need to pick out the lights and controls on the actual front of the main the head piece. I’m going back to painting Space Marines now for a few days!


photo 3

photo 4


Thanks for reading!



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