Showcase: Thunder Ravens Predator Tank

Good evening fellow hobbyists!

Today’s showcase post contains my newly finished Predator which forms part of my (ever increasing!) heavy armour section of my Thunder Raven Space Marine chapter.


As with all the other models in this chapter, I’ve used Raven Guard iconography and decals and the blue colour is achieved with Vallejo Scurvy Green, Citadel Hawk Turquoise, Nuln Oil Wash, Drakenhof Nightshade, Coelia Greenshade and a mix of the Citadel blue and green glazes all applied in various layers. It can be time intensive but the result is always pleasing – to me at least! 🙂


photo 1


photo 4

photo 3

photo 2


Thanks for looking!



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6 thoughts on “Showcase: Thunder Ravens Predator Tank

  1. That looks brilliant! Such a nice scheme, do you have a tutorial for how you achieve it on the site (I couldn’t find one I’m afraid), if not, would you consider doing one as if love to be able to achieve that kind of graduated highlight I on surfaces.
    Keep up the fantastic work.

    • tykensrift says:

      Thanks for the comments! I always appreciate feedback, good or constructive 🙂

      I haven’t done a tutorial yet, no. I have thought about it but I wasn’t sure anyone would be fussed about painting turquoise marines! However, the technique is always transferable to other colours of course but it’s mostly just gradient drybrushing and washes.

      I have a few more vehicles in the pipeline though, so I’ll aim to get a tutorial done sometime soon.


  2. DannyJZuko says:

    This is really an incredible colour scheme. I really love it. Not necessarily my flavor, but your execution and tone are brilliant. Really smooth, really eye catching, and strangely emotional.

    Only criticism, invest in a pin-vice and drill your bolters. It will really step things up a notch!

    • tykensrift says:

      Hi, thanks for the comments, much appreciated.

      You’re absolutely correct about the barrels. 🙂 I actually do have a pin-vice but I forgot to do the barrels on this occasion. I will go back and drill them out when I get time.


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