Showcase: XV104 Riptide



Well this has been a mission to paint in time for doubles this weekend, but here it is – the Riptide!

I don’t know how well it can be seen from these pics but the black areas have all been dry brushed with Dawnstone grey and washed nun oil. I’m quite pleased with the effect because it really brings out the darker parts of the model. Also apologies for the base not being complete, it requires a flock, but we’re nearly there.

The gun has been magnetised and fits quite well into the arm without showing.
I also pleased that the plastic cast for this kit came with very few mould lines, so I only had to shave off the sprue cuts.



IMG_0756.JPG (2) IMG_0757 IMG_0758 IMG_0759




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2 thoughts on “Showcase: XV104 Riptide

  1. Finally someone painted a Sa’cea XV 104! One of the things that i like the most is that you have chosen silver for the gyrostabilizer thingies! I cant stand the gold paint on those, great and inspirational paintwork!

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