Showcase: Darkstrider


This weeks #miniaturemonday showcase is my first dip into Tau waters – I have some ground to make up on @Borkan_Ice ‘s growing sept though.

Colour palette is very simple; Black, Elysian/Nurgling Green and a bit of Incubi Darkness and Sotek Green for contrast.

I’ve chosen the N’dras sept, partly because I like the colours and because it sounds like ‘Madras’ (which I like!), more because they will sit nicely as allies for my marines but mostly because the Tau of the N’dras sept are regarded as being untrustworthy, have quick tempers and are generally miserable gits. I like this. 😀






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2 thoughts on “Showcase: Darkstrider

  1. Reblogged this on My travels in Warhammer and commented:
    this makes me want a few tau.. 😦

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