Wednesday RU-MOARS Round-up


This past week has seen little emerging on the rumours front and indeed, today’s post is GW centric. Everyone is still excited about the new Warhammer 40k Eldar release and there’s been a lot of chatter about rules or possible rules or rules that we are hoping for regarding the Eldar but the codex drops in 3 days so it won’t be long until we find out. πŸ™‚


Eldar via Warseer

The glaring omission from the Eldar lists in White Dwarf was the Iyanden Craftworld codex supplement that was shown in the digital releases section. This has now been mooted to be released on June 15th – so watch this space!

Sadly it does appear to be at full codex price, so it will be interesting to see how much you get for the money.


Warhammer 40k via Forge World

As we know, Forge World have released the new Imperial Armour 3 Second Edition, which I’m sure all Tau players have been waiting a long time for.

And here’s the accompanying video πŸ™‚


Warhammer Fantasy Battle via Heresy Online

According to several sources the next WFB Army Book will be Lizardmen! So all you people that like your scaly men… err..Β  look no further! The consensus at the moment is that this release will appear in August.



That’s about it for this week.Β  Games Workshop is possibly releasing Apocalypse 2 in July but more on that as we get it. The sources are being tapped where possible and we will uncover the truth! πŸ˜€


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