Open Letter to The Telegraph Newspaper

Today an article has been circulating around the Twittersphere and Facebook as well as many hobby driven forums, blogs and websites. The article was written by Telegraph journalist Timothy Stanley and has angered a great many hobbyists and gamers in the community.

Part-time hobbyists, long term veteran gamers and even a Black Library author have had a say. If you are interested in reading the article, there is a link at the bottom of the post.

In the meantime, here is Tykensrift’s reaction, nicely encapsulated by Greg from our team, in an open letter to the Telegraph.


Dear Editor
I would like to comment on your recent article on the 23rd July 2013, entitled “If David Cameron must ban 
anything, let it be Warhammer fantasy games”.
I feel it is a shame that the Telegraph has lowered itself to printing the type of nonsensical article 
that I would expect to find in a ‘Tabloid’ news paper. If the world has all descended into opinionated 
propaganda that suggests that the enjoyment of childhood is lost simply because of increase in carnal 
pleasures as one grows older, then we have all come to a very pitiful existence indeed. 

If the author has lost the pleasure of application to a task, just because the powers of his concentration 
have waned, then I would point out it to my fellow reader that it gives more insight into the authors 
growing discomfort with his own company; for obvious reasons..... than with the worth of the hobby in 
I would ask how does painting a model and the creativity this hobby can provide, differ in the artist 
eye from a canvas painting? Because one is more socially acceptable that the other? If this is a society 
where we must all now yearn for the flesh once we reach adulthood, and study a topic that is a thread 
bare as doctorates go; then, my dear editor, you can keep your society and everything to do with it.
Kind Regards
Gregory Johnson


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