Space Marines – Pricelist


Big thanks to from where this content is shamefully plundered, but we thought you’d all like to see it!


First off…  Games Workshop are doing a bundle deal for a whole Space Marine Chapter. Yes… I’ll say that again. A whole Space Marine Chapter.

How much?

Well…  the currency converter tells me it’s about £8,450.  So as long as you’re a well paid member of a cartel or a gazillionaire with time to assemble about 1000 marines and 100+ tanks and so on, then this may be the thing for you! 🙂

Other intriguing stuff includes a ‘Death Watch’ bundle…  I *really* hope these guys have updated rules in the codex but I think they may be an Apocalypse formation in the Damnos Warzone book – but we’ll see soon enough.

Anyway…   here’s some pics!


pricelist september


strike force




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