Forge World Games Day Preview pt1- Tau XV107

So that time of year is almost upon us again….   GAMES DAY!

This year it’s been switched to the National Indoor Arena in Birmingham which halves the amount of tickets and makes for less hustle and bustle.

As ever, Forge World will be pre-releasing lots of new stuff for purchase on the day and as last year, they are teasing us all with little mailouts and pictures of what’s going to be on sale.

Firstly, Horus Heresy: Massacre will be on sale. This has been confirmed and I have already reserved my copy for collection on the day.

Secondly, as the title of this post suggests, there is a new Tau Riptide variant which will be on sale as well. The Tau XV107 R’Varna Battlesuit looks like a Riptide with BIGGER ASS GUNS.




It has a £70 price tag which is not too bad considering the Riptide is £50 alone. Link here:


People keep asking me about which Primarch will be unveiled at Games Day; All I can tell you is this: To my knowledge, the next Primarch is Ferrus Manus. The reasons why he has been done before Horus and Mortarion are because (SPOILER ALERT!) he gets owned fairly early on in the Heresy and they needed to get him out of the way. He will allegedly slot together with Fulgrim’s base to present the first Primarch duel. Now, it’s possible that Mortarion is finished and we will get a double release, but as I say, having spoken to Simon Egan, Will Hayes, Tony Cotterall and Alan Bligh at various events, this is what I believe to be the case.

I fully expect Erebus to be available just prior to or at Games Day. I’m told that Kor Phaeron isn’t ready yet, but who knows?


If you know something about releases for Games Day that I do not, then leave me a message! 🙂





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