Project: Thunderhawk Gunship


After finishing my Titan a few months ago, I’ve been trying to catch up with my never ending line of 40k Space Marines and Tau, and now Horus Heresy Space Marines too. I have the beginnings of a decent 30k Raven Guard force now (you may have seen my Caestus Assault Ram a few weeks ago?). I  have a heavy weapon squad, some scimitar jetbikes and other bits to add in the future when they are ready and it’s Games Day UK this Sunday of course – so I’ll probably add more bits! 😀

We are also in the process of sorting out a Tykens Rift YouTube channel. I’m not sure exactly what we’ll put up there but I expect it will be a few V-logs of what we’re working on and some general hobby based chatter. More on that soon.

So… I bought a Thunderhawk Gunship. It was expensive. It’s not terribly well cast. It needs lots of reshaping.

But it’s a THUNDERHAWK GUNSHIP. Number 1704 in fact.


photo 1

After checking through the big box of components for this flying monster (by the way, Forge World’s “instructions” leave a bit to be desired and there is no ‘contents checklist’ either!) I set about giving the immediate parts of the fuselage a nice soapy resin bath and attacked the resin gates with my trusty razor saw to remove all the excess.


photo 2

photo 3

After the first and second soapy bath it became clear that they would need a third. There is so much release agent on these parts that I think I may even need to attack them with good old Fairy Power Spray.

I will be doing that later today.

In the meantime I decided I needed to get to most scary part of this whole process out of the way; drilling the hole for the flying stand! I had help for my long suffering friend, Chris, who was nice enough to hold the bottom of the fuselage while I went for it with a Forstner drill.


Here’s the before shot:

photo 4

And here’s the after shot:

photo 1

All the doomsayers amongst you may be saying.. “my god! You drilled through the detail of the engine!”

Yes. I did.

Because it’s the best place to sit the acrylic rod from the base. Now it needs a little cleaning up as you can see but the reverse shot looks better. I can now run a brass rod between each side of the lower fuselage which will act as a ‘stopper’ for the flying base rod and as reinforcing pins when I mount the wings! 🙂


photo 2

That’s where I am so far. I have a busy couple of weeks now with Games Day and then Apocalypse Doubles at Warhammer World to attend so I’m not sure when the next update will be but I’ll try and keep to a weekly schedule.



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4 thoughts on “Project: Thunderhawk Gunship

  1. Oh that looks so cool! And it’s looking like it’s pretty big in the photos. How big actually is the ship once fully assembled?

  2. SgtBenton says:

    Love the Thunderhawk, just wish there was a plastic kit available.

  3. tykensrift says:

    I don’t think there will be one in the foreseeable future. I was waiting and waiting in case one was released but I just decided to get the Forge World one in the end. Lovely model, dodgy kit.

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