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Weekend Battle Report 4


So, this is the second of two games we got in at WHW for our first #ForgeWorldOnly get together. Best note that @CPJohnson80 only realised after the 4 hour journey that he’d left all his models at home. Good thing @NeilChallis could help him out… a little.

Thunder Raven Space Marines (1500pt) and Battle Brothers Bork’an Sept Tau Empire (1000pt)


Angels Templar Space Marines (1250pt) and allied Grey Knights (1250pt)

Game Type: Apocalypse, Hammer and Anvil


Thunder Ravens: 1x Space Marine Captain, 2 x Tactical Squads, 1 x Dreadnought, 1 x Contemptor Dreadnought, 1 x Landraider, 1 x Devastator squad. Tau Empire: 3 x Fire Warrior Teams, 2 x Crisis Teams, Crisis HQ, 6 Pathfinders and Devilfish, Hammerhead with Railgun, Broadsides with shield drones.

Angels Templar: 3 x Tactical Squads, 1 x Sternguard Squad w/ Space Marine Captain, 1 x Assault Marines, 1 x Terminators, 1 x Dreadnought. Grey Knights: 1 x Paladin ‘Asshats’ Squad, 2 X Assault Terminators, 1 x Librarian, 1 x Stormraven.


On the fringes of Imperial space a core of Grey Knights have been ordered by the Adeptus Administratum to stomp all over a treacherous force of Thunder Ravens trading with Weeaboo Space Communists, the Tau Empire. The Grey Knight’s, after searching their foe for months have finally tracked the Marines down assisting the Tau in uncovering an Eldar webway gate.



Finally tracked down, the Tau and Thunder Ravens prepare for a last stand against the EMPRAHHH’s Finest. Winning the dice roll they form along and behind the walls of a captured Imperial Fortress.

The GK and Angels Templar decide a forlorn hope through the left wall and main entrance would be futile so they deploy to the right wall where the fortress is most exposed.


Turn 1

Spotting the enemies attempt to outflank, the first shot of a Hammerhead’s Railgun signals the start of the battle. A unit of tactical marines take a large blast template scattering limbs in all directions.


Turn 2

Hoping to jet pack to the entrance; a unit of Assault Marines make good of their ability to move across the field. Nevertheless, their ability to assault is nothing when measured against the ability of a Landraider to tear through bodies like paper, and unfortunately for them one is waiting.

The Loyal Angels Templar are now in real trouble and without heavy support. Calling over the vox, the Captain curses his Grey Knight brothers, but they’re not getting a response. No flyer or Terminators on this turn. The dice say NO.


Turn 3

The Assault Marines are decimated by a second rail of fire from a Contemptor Dreadnought which appears from the second entrance. Kheres Pattern Assault Cannons whirling, the unit is finished before even striking a blow.


The Angels Templar are now taking a shower of metal rain; auto cannons, burst cannons, plasma shots and Railguns. But still only crackling over the vox. “Where is that flyer? Where are those beardy metal heads?!”


From the distinct fog comes a roar of an Imperial assault craft. The Storm Raven!

Turn 4

Finally the Vox opens up, “deep strike!” Jumping into the heart of the traitors lines, Grey Knight Terminators and Paladin’s ready for some beardy Weeaboo action arrive! Three units drop in but one mucks up and land into the webway gate’s crane. Luckily @CPJohnson80 ‘s good friend and Marine opponent, @NeilChallis, is on hand to choose where they go.


That’s right, all the way over there.

Turn 5

Preparing for an imperial bummery from the Emperors hardest, every enemy gun available is brought to bear on the GK terminators. Every Fire Warrior, drone, Marine, Pathfinder and Crisis Suit piles in until the last two terminators are left standing. The final two are finished by the toughest of all xenos weapons, broadside twin linked Railguns. Taking an uber bashing to the face; the unit is wiped clean from the board.


Not going well by any means it’s now down to the Storm Raven to clear the floor.

Turn 6

Over to the approaching blob of loyal marines and the Contemptor is stuck in combat with a Dreadnought. The Angels Templar are launching grenades at a Devil Fish and have successfully obliterated a Hammerhead. The Stormraven is zooming above screaming for revenge, “FOR THE EMPRAH!!!”


Turn 7

Coming about for another bombardment, the Stormraven flies over the main gate. So far it has evaded just about every heavy shot thrown at it – and there have been many – but its final approach is over a devastator squad parked atop the entrance wall. Suddenly the flyer shakes and ground below the pilot erupts. A Lascannon has ripped through the hull and torn apart the deck.


The last of the Grey Knight’s are obliterated. They have failed both Matt Ward and the Imperium.


Tau: Well that was fun, and funny. Playing on Forge Worlds Imperial Fortress was great and Chris’s deep strike miss-hap brought me much joy. I think if Chris had remembered his stuff though he would have benefited from a tank or two. That said the flyer took forever to take down without sky-fire. Also the terminator deep strike right into a gun line was a big mistake!

Thunder Ravens: A marginally unbalanced game in hindsight but I doubt Chris will forget his miniatures again! 🙂 On another day I may not have been so mean with the deep strike mishap but this is WAR dammit! The Stormraven caused a mass of devastation and we found it very difficult to kill it without Skyfire. The Paladin’s and Grey Knight Terminators could’ve and perhaps should’ve caused more damage but the sheer volume of shots meant they were going to struggle not to roll a few 1’s!

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Weekend Battle Report 2

Testing Our Doubles List

So for those of you interested, four of us will be heading to the Warhammer World in April for a doubles tournament and the other day we decided to test our latest lists.

Space Marine (800pt) and Battle Brothers Tau Empire (700pt) detachment vs. Dark Angels 1500pt

Game Type: Vanguard Strike, Crusade 5 Objectives.

Space Marines: Chapter Master, 2 x Tactical Marines, 2 x Storm Talons, and Dreadnaught with auto cannons. Tau: Crisis Shas’el Commander, Crisis Team, Fire Team + Devil Fish, Broadsides with Shield Drones.

Dark Angels:  Belial and Interrogator Chaplin, 3 x Terminator Squads, 2 x Ravenwing Attack Bikes, 9 x Ravenwing bikes. (Note, any miniatures that resemble the Rending Pony are in fact proxy bikes)



Dark Angels win the first roll and deploy. They place their bikes as close to the line as possible. It’s clear they’re aiming to up get close up and personal before flyers reign death from above in the later turns.

The Marine Chapter Master turns to the Tau Shas’el, “Well you see, these Angel chaps don’t like you squashy xenos filth, and they’ve branded me a heretic.” The Shas’el looks up at the towering man, “Well you have been doing a lot of warp dust.” The Chapter Master wipes his nose and walks on the board.

The Tau set up a defensive line in front of the broadsides and the Marine commander joins them for assault support. The tactical marines and the dreadnaught set up next to objectives in front of the opposing ravenwing attack bikes.

Turn 1
As expected bikes blast their way towards Marines holding objectives, and Dark Angel  Deathwing Terminators teleport from the unknown. An Assault group land directly in front of the Tau gun line and the dreadnought. With the Deathwing Termies having no guns to fire with, the auto cannons and rail guns start making mincemeat out of them.


Turn 2

The final terminators arrive for the action and start blasting their guns at the Marines. They manage to destroy a weapon on the dreadnought, but he lifts himself back up and keeps blasting into the smoke. The Tactical Squads still in the thick of it get assaulted by bikes. The Space Marine Commander looks on at the onslaught, “it’s what they’re here for, to hold up the advance.”

The Chapter master decides to call in the air cav. One of the Storm Talon’s and the Crisis Team roll on to the field and begin to take out the bikes who are heading into the opposing deployment zone.

By this point both commanders have forgotten the objectives and decided its ”last man standing.”



Turn 3
With most of the bikes caught up in assault the DA commander has no choice but to trudge his terminators across the field through mud and rail fire hoping their armour saves will ensure their survival. When they finally make it to the gun line they’re going to assault and cause a blue blood smurf massacre.

MORE AIR CAV! The second flyer zooms onto the board taking pot shots from the ground it clears the floor of assault bikes. But not before a plasma shot has finished the dreadnaught and the last two marines are left standing.


Turn 4
The bikes finishing the marines have broken free and plough into the Crisis Team. The Marine Chapter master board at the back charges into the action, “I can’t let those suits take all the glory!” The Tau Commander reflects on their previous melee achievements “don’t worry, they won’t.”

Air Cav and Rail fire is slowly witling down the Dark Angles force to one group of terminators, still trudging their way across the board.


Turn 5
The Crisis Team break and jet pack towards the edge while the Chapter Master finishes off the rest. Before he can regain his composure the remaining Terminators charge in!

Turn 6

The heretic Chapter Master is cut down with a thunder hammer to the head. The last two remaining terminators exposed in the open and are swiftly finished by hovering air support and Railgun fire from the Broadsides.



Space Marine + Tau Detachment: 6pts, Units Destroyed. Slay the Warlord. Tabled Opponent.

Dark Angels: 8pts, Units Destroyed, Line Breaker, Slay the Warlord, First Blood


Space Marine: @NeilChallis  Stormtalons are awesome… for now.  The assault cannons, lascannons and skyhammers did plenty of damage and killed a few terminators several times over – only an apothecary and ‘feel no pain’ prevented death. The 2 five-man tactical squads delayed the Ravenwing for longer than they should have, which was a nice bonus but the dakka dread was killed pretty quickly without doing much damage.

Tau: @Borkan_Ice Tau gun lines (essentially Fire Warriors in front of Broadsides) are hated and I hate using them but unfortunately it was the only way to combat the opposing list. The shield Drones grant the perfect invulnerable save so their staying but I’m going to free up some points by combining the HQ and Crisis team.

Dark Angels: @CPJohnson80 So that was an embarrassing display, the Lion will not be happy. Storm talons, damn them to hell, roll on 7th Jan so I can get me some flying monkeys of my own. Deployment went fairly well and our first turn was brief at best, being deploy, scout move for 11 bikes, deep strike 2 units of terminators move and shoot. After that it all went south and the distinct lack of power weapons in combat, coupled with combats ending at inconvenient moments led to being hammered, if it hadn’t been for some exceptional armour saves it would have been over by turn 4.  Still the next game will be a complete change as the army book gets a much needed update. Hopefully the Tau one will be forth coming fairly swiftly too.

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Weekend Battle Report

Tau Empire Bork’an Sept vs Space Marine Thunder Ravens (e/ Grey Knight allies) 2000pt Game

Game Type: Dawn of War, The Emperor’s Will (2 objectives)

On The Board

Tau: Crisis Commander and Body Guards, 2 Crisis Teams, 3 Fire Teams + Devilfish, Pathfinders + Devilfish, Kroot, Hounds and Shaper, Broadsides, 2 Hamerheads with Railguns

Marines: Darnath Lysander, 5 x Terminators, 6 x Scouts, 1 x Landraider, 1 x Tactical Squad, 1 x Dreadnought. Grey Knight Brother Captain, 5 x Grey Knight Terminators, 1 x Nemesis DreadKnight, 1 x Stormraven.

Turn 1


Winning the first turn the Tau decides to let the Marines deploy first. Great, they think, ‘this chump isn’t going to steel the initiative?’ But behold, A SIX. “Shit luck.” That’s right, no hiding those shiny metal boxes. Deploying into the field the broadside team remove the Land Raider. Nothing but smoke.


Having seen the Landraider obliterated before even shifting into 1st gear and the scouts reduced to an army-of-one, there wasn’t much left for the marines to do. A few pot shots at the Devilfish failed to penetrate the armour and the Emperors finest were left with a look of confusion etched into their genetically engineered faces.


Turn 2


Not going well already both commanders realise that much of their force is in reserve. The Shas’O Commander grins. “Let’s table these sweaty steroid ridden meat heads”. Deep striking Crisis Suits and outflanking Kroot blob remove the tactical squads, but one lonely Dreadnaught holds out against rail fire.


Finally Astarte’s luck! Rocking on to the field, Terminators and the Storm Raven. At this point the Kroot Shaper considers defection and the life of a mercenary. “These Suicide bombing “greater good” socialists have had it”


Oh dear…  the last surviving scout could do nothing about the onslaught of Firewarriors, the tactical squad has been all but annihilated by Kroot and Broadsides and the Autocannon Dreadnought is the only unit left standing tall!

Time for some reinforcements….  The last member of the tactical squad ducks down and calls for help on the vox!

Soon enough, a Stormraven comes screeching across the battlefield and out of the ether appears a Dreadknight and Grey Knight Terminators!  Phew! However Lysanders unit mess up their deep strike and are delayed.


The Dreadnought, in attempt to recover some victory points (and dignity), pummels one of the Devilfish with an autocannon barrage and reduces it to mere splinters!! “HAHA!! F%*$% Y*% and the horse you… “ etc. can be heard over the imperial vox network. It’s only a small consolation sadly….

Turn 3


Not deterred by this, one plucky Hamerhead gunner reflects on the crosses on the side of his skimmer, “one more” he thinks. Taking aim at the zooming Storm Raven he rolls three sixes in a row! On the odds of 125/46656, the tank commander gets out his paint boxImage

Ending the game everything except Lysander and 2 termis made it alive.


If Carlsberg made 40k Greek Tragedies – this would be one!

The mighty Grey Knight Stormraven shattered into dust by the luckiest railgun shot that has ever been witnessed in the history of everything ever.

The mighty Dreadknight  is summarily dispensed with by more Railguns. Those pesky Broadsides!!!

The mighty Grey Knight Terminators are cut down by crisis suits and Firewarriors leaving just the Brother Captain alive…  and in a final act of vengeance, he brings down an orbital strike which atomises the Tau warlord and his “body guard” – I use “” because what can he really do against death from above?

Lysander arrives but too far and too late to affect the battle.



Tau:  13pts, Line Breaker, First Blood, Holding the Objective, Units Destroyed.

Marines:  6pts, Units Destroyed, Slay the Warlord.



The Tau got very, very lucky with dice rolls! But that said outflanking and volume of railguns caused a lot of problems for the riod machines. Next time I imagine the Marines will be taking advantage of flyer options and drop pods. The Tau has no sky-fire options and are ABYSMAL in assault.


Maybe the marines should turn to Chaos…  I’m sure they have cookies.

The Tau dice were very lucky indeed but the doom was spelled from the stealing of the initiative. The deployment was careful and dependant on having the first turn.

Next time there will be less Terminators, more heavy hitting guns and more assault marines!

Space Marines don’t get schooled often, but the lesson was learned.

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