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Weekend Battle Report 4


So, this is the second of two games we got in at WHW for our first #ForgeWorldOnly get together. Best note that @CPJohnson80 only realised after the 4 hour journey that he’d left all his models at home. Good thing @NeilChallis could help him out… a little.

Thunder Raven Space Marines (1500pt) and Battle Brothers Bork’an Sept Tau Empire (1000pt)


Angels Templar Space Marines (1250pt) and allied Grey Knights (1250pt)

Game Type: Apocalypse, Hammer and Anvil


Thunder Ravens: 1x Space Marine Captain, 2 x Tactical Squads, 1 x Dreadnought, 1 x Contemptor Dreadnought, 1 x Landraider, 1 x Devastator squad. Tau Empire: 3 x Fire Warrior Teams, 2 x Crisis Teams, Crisis HQ, 6 Pathfinders and Devilfish, Hammerhead with Railgun, Broadsides with shield drones.

Angels Templar: 3 x Tactical Squads, 1 x Sternguard Squad w/ Space Marine Captain, 1 x Assault Marines, 1 x Terminators, 1 x Dreadnought. Grey Knights: 1 x Paladin ‘Asshats’ Squad, 2 X Assault Terminators, 1 x Librarian, 1 x Stormraven.


On the fringes of Imperial space a core of Grey Knights have been ordered by the Adeptus Administratum to stomp all over a treacherous force of Thunder Ravens trading with Weeaboo Space Communists, the Tau Empire. The Grey Knight’s, after searching their foe for months have finally tracked the Marines down assisting the Tau in uncovering an Eldar webway gate.



Finally tracked down, the Tau and Thunder Ravens prepare for a last stand against the EMPRAHHH’s Finest. Winning the dice roll they form along and behind the walls of a captured Imperial Fortress.

The GK and Angels Templar decide a forlorn hope through the left wall and main entrance would be futile so they deploy to the right wall where the fortress is most exposed.


Turn 1

Spotting the enemies attempt to outflank, the first shot of a Hammerhead’s Railgun signals the start of the battle. A unit of tactical marines take a large blast template scattering limbs in all directions.


Turn 2

Hoping to jet pack to the entrance; a unit of Assault Marines make good of their ability to move across the field. Nevertheless, their ability to assault is nothing when measured against the ability of a Landraider to tear through bodies like paper, and unfortunately for them one is waiting.

The Loyal Angels Templar are now in real trouble and without heavy support. Calling over the vox, the Captain curses his Grey Knight brothers, but they’re not getting a response. No flyer or Terminators on this turn. The dice say NO.


Turn 3

The Assault Marines are decimated by a second rail of fire from a Contemptor Dreadnought which appears from the second entrance. Kheres Pattern Assault Cannons whirling, the unit is finished before even striking a blow.


The Angels Templar are now taking a shower of metal rain; auto cannons, burst cannons, plasma shots and Railguns. But still only crackling over the vox. “Where is that flyer? Where are those beardy metal heads?!”


From the distinct fog comes a roar of an Imperial assault craft. The Storm Raven!

Turn 4

Finally the Vox opens up, “deep strike!” Jumping into the heart of the traitors lines, Grey Knight Terminators and Paladin’s ready for some beardy Weeaboo action arrive! Three units drop in but one mucks up and land into the webway gate’s crane. Luckily @CPJohnson80 ‘s good friend and Marine opponent, @NeilChallis, is on hand to choose where they go.


That’s right, all the way over there.

Turn 5

Preparing for an imperial bummery from the Emperors hardest, every enemy gun available is brought to bear on the GK terminators. Every Fire Warrior, drone, Marine, Pathfinder and Crisis Suit piles in until the last two terminators are left standing. The final two are finished by the toughest of all xenos weapons, broadside twin linked Railguns. Taking an uber bashing to the face; the unit is wiped clean from the board.


Not going well by any means it’s now down to the Storm Raven to clear the floor.

Turn 6

Over to the approaching blob of loyal marines and the Contemptor is stuck in combat with a Dreadnought. The Angels Templar are launching grenades at a Devil Fish and have successfully obliterated a Hammerhead. The Stormraven is zooming above screaming for revenge, “FOR THE EMPRAH!!!”


Turn 7

Coming about for another bombardment, the Stormraven flies over the main gate. So far it has evaded just about every heavy shot thrown at it – and there have been many – but its final approach is over a devastator squad parked atop the entrance wall. Suddenly the flyer shakes and ground below the pilot erupts. A Lascannon has ripped through the hull and torn apart the deck.


The last of the Grey Knight’s are obliterated. They have failed both Matt Ward and the Imperium.


Tau: Well that was fun, and funny. Playing on Forge Worlds Imperial Fortress was great and Chris’s deep strike miss-hap brought me much joy. I think if Chris had remembered his stuff though he would have benefited from a tank or two. That said the flyer took forever to take down without sky-fire. Also the terminator deep strike right into a gun line was a big mistake!

Thunder Ravens: A marginally unbalanced game in hindsight but I doubt Chris will forget his miniatures again! 🙂 On another day I may not have been so mean with the deep strike mishap but this is WAR dammit! The Stormraven caused a mass of devastation and we found it very difficult to kill it without Skyfire. The Paladin’s and Grey Knight Terminators could’ve and perhaps should’ve caused more damage but the sheer volume of shots meant they were going to struggle not to roll a few 1’s!

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