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Tau Codex Cover art unleashed

At long last, the final question of ‘What does the Tau Codex look like?’ has been answered…  albeit with some (probably German) spelling 🙂





All 6th Edition Codex covers have been great so far.

What do you think of this one? I kinda like it myself.




Images via Faeit212 and Astropate

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Tau Rumours Update

So here are the rumours so far split by Unit Types for ease of reading.



  • Release Date

    • Release is looking like the 6th April.
    • New Tau Battle Force box containing existing models.


  • HQ


farsight_www.kepfeltoltes.hu_ (1)

    • Farsight new design as seen at games day
  • Troop

    • Fire Warriors
      • FW are now 9 pts
      • Some kind of upgrade or character called Cadre Fireblade that boosts FWs. May even be a budget HQ choice.


    • Kroot
  • Elite


    • XV104 Riptide Battlesuit – £50 / US$85
      • Stats; T6 W4 2+ Save, 5+ Inv, Jet or Jump Pack.
      • Weapons: Ion Cannon, Burst Cannon, Rail Cannon options. Plus other crisis weapons mounted under primary weapons and on shoulders. Two Shield Drones, new variant or look. Has something called a Nova Reactor which boots primary weapons
      • Look: 7 or 8 inches tall and comes with multiple heads to choose from
    • Crisis Suits £45 / US$75
      • Now sold in a box set of three models. Same models.
      • Possibly new wargear options.
    • Stealthsuits
      • Can now BS2 Overwatch
  • Fast Attack


    • Sunshark Bomber – £40 / US$65
      • Weapons: Plasma Generator which launches bombs/missiles. Defensive drones with rail rifles.
    • Razershark Fighter – £40 / US$65
      • Weapons: Burst and Ion Cannons, seeker missiles.


    • Pathfinders -£20
      • Special Character Pathfinder called Nightstrider.
      • Come in kit of what looks like 10 with 3 drones.
      • Drones: A Grav Inhibitor, Pulse Accelerator and Recon Drone.
  • Heavy


    • XV88 Broadside Battlesuit – £30 / US$50
      • Stats: T4 2+ Save, Slow and Purposeful
      • A new look battlesuit, similar to many previous conversions holding railguns in both hands.
      • Now a plastic kit.
      • Railguns now S8 AP1 Heavy 1 but has SkyFire if chosen at the start of the turn.  Cost is 85pts.
      • Base is now 60mm.
    • SkyRay
      • Can now shoot air targets
    • Tank Commander
      • Possibly allows Overwatch.


    Looking good so far and I can’t wait but remember, other than the images of box sets and White Dwarf articles these are still rumours!


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