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Battle Brothers Weekend 2013


Last weekend Tykens Rift went to Warhammer World to drink, game and pillage. Actually, if you’re Chris and Greg it was to reduce your opponent to tears, but I’ll get to that.

For those of you that don’t know – Battle Brothers is a two day event at Warhammer World in Nottingham where teams of two play five fifteen hundred point games and finish in the rankings.

Points are earned from; Gaining victory points (first blood, line breaker etc.), and getting favourite game votes from your opponents. The last being the hardest to achieve unless they smashed you 10 – 0 and have a guilty conscience. And if you lost you’re not exactly going to give your opponents your favourite game vote if they rocked up with a ‘beardy’ list containing a Fortress of Redemption, Darkshroud and salvo 4 bolters kicking out 140 shots of death per turn (*cough* Chris and Greg).

Because between the four us we played ten games I’ve condensed what happened down into a short summary and a single eventful moment.

The Tykensrift Armies:

@Borkan_Ice and @NeilChallis’s list – Tau allied with Space Marines

-HQ: Cadre Fireblade
-Troops: 2 x 11 Fire Warriors
-Elite: 1 x Riptide (Ion accelerator, Fusion Blasters and Sky Fire)
-Heavy: 1 x Broadside (Railgun, Plasma Rifles, Sky Fire)
-Heavy: 1 x Broadside (High-yield Missile Pods, Smart Missile Pods)
-Heavy: 1 x Hammerhead (Longstrike, Railgun, Sub-munitions)
Space Marines
-HQ: Lysander
-Troops: 10 x Tactical Marine (Drop pod)
-Elite: Dreadnought (Twin auto cannons)
-Fast Attack: Stormtalon


@CPJohnson and @freexerjin (Chris and Greg)

Dark Angels
-HQ: Ezekiel
-HQ: Libraian L2 + 5 x Command Squad with Banner
-Troops: 10 x Tactical Marines (Missile, flak)
-Heavy: 5 x Devastator Marines (Las Cannons)
-Fast Attack: 1 x Nephilim Flyer
-Fast Attack: 1 x Dark Shroud
-Fortification: 1 x Fortress of Redemption (Krak Storm, Heavy Bolters)
-Elites: Dark Angel Veteran Squad with Banner of Devastation


Game One

Deployment: Hammer and Anvil
Mission: Crusade

Loss 4 – 6
@Borkan_Ice and @NeilChallis vs Dark Angels and Grey Knights
Eventful Moment: Deep Striking Lysander within 12 inches of Inquisitor Corteaz and lots of plasma – whoops!


Loss 8 – 9
@CPJohnson and @freexerjin vs dark angels and space marines (rich & Eddie “I collect trophies” Eccles)
Eventful Moment: Our first game was playing someone whom the game designers say ‘plays for trophies, but luckily he was really all right’. The dark shroud shooting and wounding Belial twice, followed by Ezekiel proving he is the daddy when it comes to using a force sword.

Game Two

Deployment: Dawn of War
Mission: The Scouring

Win 10 – 4
@Borkan_Ice and @NeilChallis vs Imperial Guard and Chaos Marines
Eventful Moment: Rolling a six for Fireblade to marker-light a Helldrake on its first turn, and then blowing it out the sky with the Riptide. Bosh.


Win 13 -7
@CPJohnson and @freexerjin vs guard and guard
Eventful Moment: popping 4 of 5 tanks and nearly tabling our opponents all on turn one. We then found out just how nasty vendettas are, especially when you have four to contend with.

Game Three

Deployment: Vanguard Strike
Mission: Big Guns Never Tire

Loss 5 – 9
@Borkan_Ice and @NeilChallis vs Imperial Guard and Space Wolves
Eventful Moment: Having to argue with our ‘Gamie’ opponents that a flyer facing the back of a vehicle doesn’t hit on side armour.


Win 21-0
@CPJohnson and @freexerjin vs Orks and Orks
Eventful Moment: we finally got to realise just how much fire power we brought to the party, by turn three there was a units of ten grots and a flier left. oh and our opponents face when we rolled 121 hits with 128 dice… ouch.
Game Four

Deployment: Hammer and Anvil
Mission: The Relic

Loss 0 – 6
@Borkan_Ice and @NeilChallis vs Necrons and Chaos Daemons
Eventful Moment: Lysander being refused four times a challenge to a Necron lord, wimp. Lysander wants to play griff-ball fool…!


Draw 1-1
@CPJohnson and @freexerjin vs guard and marine
Eventful Moment:
Ahh the relic, this mission doesn’t do our army any favours. Most memorable moment was destroying all three of our opponents vehicles and pinning all in turn one. Oh and maybe killing more marines than our opponents had all game when the squad jumped from the battlements.

Game Five

Deployment: Vanguard Strike
Mission: The Emperor’s Will

Win 5 – 0
@Borkan_Ice and @NeilChallis vs Dark Angels and Imperial Fists
Eventful Moment: An Imperial drop pod of Tactical Marines landed right in front of two unit of Fire Warriors, one containing Fireblade. They were resolved with 44 shots, nice.


Win 10-0
@CPJohnson and @freexerjin vs Eldar and grey knights (well inquisitors)
Eventful Moment: Our opponent rocked up with five HQ and five Elite choices, nice and legal, not! Anyway we had to report them and after that we were best friends….. :S

Out of 104 teams
9th  @CPJohnson and @freexerjin
54th @Borkan_Ice and @NeilChallis



Chris and Greg should have been fourth but unfortunately they don’t give out favourite game votes for pointing out your opponents list isn’t tournament legal.

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