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Warhammer Fantasy Bases


So here it is the first in Chris and Greg‘s chaos army post’s, and the rift’s first foray in the the realm of Warhammer fantasy battle). we thought we’d start literally, from the ground up to explain how we accomplished what you will see shortly.

We only really collect two major armies from the millions we have played, the major one if which is chaos. We have about 10,000 points as mix from Beastmen thought to Cult of Slannesh dark elf. Most of these coming to a rift near you in the coming weeks.

We needed a centre piece for this army to sit around and something we could apply the full extent of out painting abilities to. So what better than a fully converted, not to mention rock hard, unit of chosen Warriors of Chaos.

This post will mainly cover the bases and movement tray for this unit.

The bases are made from green stuff and various bits from our bits box.


As for the movement we started with a magnetic whiteboard and plasti-card, with some paster wall facing for the edges. After cutting the right size for the bases and PVA gluing the metal whiteboard to the plastic card we super-glued the styrene frontage to one edge.

We then used green stuff to smooth the edges and create some small undulations. We realised it looked a little plain for such a unit and added a small fence from plastic left overs from our bits box and add a few extra details.


So that’s it for the build – on to the painting. We first applied sand inked with a black/brown , and then dry brushed with our usual flavour of graveyard earth, komando khaki and finally bleached bone. The rest of the base was gradually painted up using various other colours that would compliment the unit.


From here we then added some flock, static grass etc



This have provided us with a really nice looking backdrop for what will be a heavily converted unit.


@CPJohnson80 and @freexerjin

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