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Wednesday News and RU-MOARS Round-up


Welcome to a belated Wednesday round-up. Now Eldar is finally out the bag we’re looking forward to getting our hands on next months new Apocalypse!

The coming Apocalypse release via Faeit 212

the Apocalypse release will be three books
The Standard Book Edition will be 60,00€
-There will also be a Collectors edition, but no price as of yet
-A Big Gamers Edition for  200,00€ (Something very big in it)
July White Dwarf Cover
Check out the next months White Dwarf cover here

Individual Bike Kits Repackaged into 3-Packs via Warseer


GW Price Increase via BoLS

Word came down from GW to retailers:

1. They would not be increasing the price of products they produce this year.

2. They would be increasing the price of products they do not produce (paints, sprays, etc).

So it looks like this year the only things going up are:

-Paints @8% price increase
-Brushes @8% price increase

Games Workshop vs Chapterhouse Trial via BoLS

Chapterhouse and GW are in court over copy right infringement. Check out the latest or keep up to date via BoLS.

New Eldar!

Don’t forgot to check out the latest Eldar release reviews via Bols and a video from Faeit212

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Eldar Release Video

Last week GW put up pre orders for the new Eldar release but they also uploaded this video. Thought we’d post this up in case anyone missed it 🙂

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Wednesday Ru-MOARS Round-Up



Well… this week has been packed with Eldar leaks from the next White Dwarf. So if you missed any of the images, here they are:

New Eldar via Heresy Online:

“There is also an upgrade pack in Finecast to make an Autarch on a jetbike.

As far as the actual Codex goes:

-You can make Run moves in addition to shooting Shuriken weapons.

-Shuriken weapons have a rule which makes them ignore armor on a to-wound roll of a 6– similar to rending, but it’s not actually the Rending rule.

-The Wraithknight starts at about 250 points and caps around 350, and towers over even the Tau Riptide. It’s 9” tall. The Wraithknight has the ability for its weapons to become twin-linked if it hits with a scatter laser it comes equipped with, even against airborne targets. It can shoot S9 and 10 small blasts, and has a total of four weapons on it– you have a choice of several, including a huge wraithblade and a lance weapon.

– Wraithguard are cheaper both points-wise and financially speaking, and are now S5 and T6, and have the option to be equipped with Wraithblades as per the current Codex’s in place of their guns, making them a dangerous close combat unit.

– Including a Spiritseer as a HQ choice allows you to bring Wraithguard as Troops.

– Expect Guardians to supplant Dire Avengers as the staple Troops choice– they’re very points efficient and with the buff to shuriken weapons, they should expect to be in a lot of competitive armies.

-The Fire Prism has been nerfed a bit– basically, they want to drive people back towards Aspect Warrior and Wraith-heavy armies, rather than the mechanized Eldar army literally everyone and their brother played with the exact same list. Can’t really say to what extent, but the purchasing advice was to “Not load up on them.”

-The Avatar is “Definitely better.”

-The Iyanden supplement is not a splash release, and will be normally available. Iyanden is strictly a fluff book, and contains no game rules. The rules to play a themed Iyanden army are found completely in Codex: Eldar. This is a move to appease people who want more fluff in books as well as people who would rather just have more game content with the fluff optional. This is an experiment in seeing how this works– if it does well, expect Games Workshop to continue with the release of “chapter-specific” fluff supplements for their Codex releases.”

New releases this June via Faeit212:

“Above is the list of releases for June. What will catch you off guard is the release for Chaos Space Marines, Space Marines, and Necrons. Of course Eldar are in this. There is an Autarch jetbike upgrade kit, and windrider Jetbike squadron. So there are some things in here that if you have not been paying attention will catch you off guard.”

Eldar Pre Orders via Faeit212:

Warhammer 40000: Codex Eldar104 page full colour,
hardback Warhammer 40,000 CodexContains New Artwork, Background and rules whilst showcasing the fantastic miniature range

Warhammer 40000: Eldar Wraithknight
This box contains a multipart plastic kit that makes one Eldar Wraithknight, this completely new Walker stands a massive 9 inches tall and can be constructed with a variety of armaments to fulfill a range of battlefield roles.

Warhammer 40000: Eldar Hemlock Wraithfighter/ Crimson Hunter
This box contains a multipart plastic kit that makes either a Hemlock Wraithfighter or a Crimson Hunter, both new Eldar Flyers. The Hemlock Wraithfighter is a Psychicly armed bomber designer to cause havoc among enemy troops while the Crimson Hunter is an all new aspect warrior class whom excel at aerial combat.

Warhammer 40000: Eldar Wraithguard/Wraithblades
This box contains a multipart plastic kit that makes either 5 Wraithguards previously only available in metal or 5 Wraithblades, a new type of deadly close combat warrior.

Warhammer 40000: Eldar Farseer
A plastic Clamp pack containing 1 Eldar Hero in a dynamic mid-casting posse.

Reformatted Warhammer 40000: Eldar Battle Force
Contains 10 Eldar Guardians and a Heavy Weapon Platform, 5 Dire Avengers (including the option of making an Exarch), a Wave Serpent and a Vyper Jetbike

Reformatted Warhammer 40000: Eldar Dire AvengersThe Dire Avengers squad has been repackaged as a five miniature boxed set (including the option of making an Exarch)

New Finecast ReleasesWarhammer 40000: Illic Nightspear· A clampack that contains one highly detailed Citadel Finecast resin miniature sculpted by Edgar Ramos. Illic Nightspear is an outcast who has become an deadly assassin armed with the sniper rifle Voidbringer.

Warhammer 40000: Eldar Spiritseer· A clampack that contains one highly detailed Citadel Finecast resin miniature sculpted by Mike Fores. Armed with a Witch Staff and spirit stone wearing a distinctive eyeless helm.Available While Stocks LastThese Items are highly limited, please request the quantity you require and we will supply you as close to this number as we can.

Warhammer 40,000 Psychic Cards: Eldar·This pack contains 14 reference cards that describe the effects of each of the Primaris Powers and the the six psychic powers available to each area of mastery

New Imperial Amour book via Forge World

Imperial Amour Volume Three Second Edition – The Taros Campaign, released today.

New Battle Foam Trays via Tabletop Gaming News

And our final news that new Tau custom trays are now available to buy from Battle Foam.

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Eldar Wraithknight and Codex Art Leaked

Looks like the a picture of the new Eldar Wraithknight and Codex cover art has been leacked on BoLS.

Unfortunately we won’t post leaked photos here so do check them out at the link if you’re a BoLS member

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Wednesday Rumours Round-Up


Here’s another collation of rumours flying round the net from the last week – plenty of it Eldar related as release date can’t be far away now 😀

Eldar “Knight” Stats main gun via BoLS:

“Pulsar Lance
Primary fire mode:
36” S:8 AP2 Heavy 2, Lance

Overcharge mode (weapon may not fire next turn)
48″ S:10 AP1 Heavy 1, Blast, Lance”

Eldar Boxes via BoLS from Reddit:

I work at a hobby shop and yesterday I was submitting my Games Workshop order. To my surprise my GW rep asked me if I wanted one of the collectors edition codex’s ( he knows i’m a huge Eldar fan). I submitted my order for the entire new line of Eldar mini’s. Some notable orders were a Wraithguard box set, a new Eldar Avatar box, Jetbikes 3 pack, and the new flier. He couldn’t give me names but I can confirm that on May 24th the pre-order for Eldar will be released and they will be released the first week of June. “

A Tale of Two Shurikens via BoLS:

OPTION A: The Bane of Flesh
This option highlights the vicious nature of the Shuriken ammo, making it deadlier vs statline models.

Shuriken Pistol 12″ S:4 AP5 Pistol, (Fleshbane or Shred)
Shuriken Catapult 18″ S:4 AP5 Assault 2, (Fleshbane or Shred)
Dire Avenger Shuriken Catapult 24″ S:4 AP:5 Assault 2, (Fleshbane or Shred)
Shuriken Cannon 24″ S:6 AP:5 Assault 3, (Fleshbane or Shred)
Shuriken Shreiker Cannon 24″ S:6 AP:5 Assault 3, (Fleshbane or Shred), Poison(4+), Pinning

OPTION B: The Rain of Shuriken
This option highlights the amazing rate of fire of Shuriken weapons, focusing on weight of fire.Shuriken Pistol 12″ S:4 AP5 Pistol
Shuriken Catapult 18″ S:4 AP5 Salvo2/4
Dire Avenger Shuriken Catapult 24″ S:4 AP:5 Salvo 2/4
Shuriken Cannon 24″ S:6 AP:5 Salvo 3/6
Shuriken Shreiker Cannon 24″ S:6 AP:5 Salvo 3/6, Poison(4+), Pinning”

Update release schedule via Warseer:

JUN: Eldar
JUL: 40k Apocalypse update
AUG: Lizardmen
SEP: Bloodbowl
OCT: Space Marines
NOV: Fantasy army release (likely DE)
DEC: Hobbit

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