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Reblogged from Docbungle! Fascinating read for those, like me, that are interested in DZC!
Neil 🙂

The Wargaming Bear

Welcome to my latest review this time I have something very special and something I have been waiting to get my hands on for a long time.

Thats right I have got my mitts on one of the DZC starter sets 😀 We shall be looking at the Scourge standard set ( in case you havent noticed). So let us not mess about and get down to it.

The Box

To start with the box and first impressions;

It’s a well (graphically) designed box with a main picture that you can see on the website.

The back explains the contents. Something I will mention is the card is pretty thin and for something that is expensive I would have liked a sturdy box. However this thinness maybe due to the inside packaging, speaking of which;

As you can see the link up with KR multicase is pretty damn strong ;)…

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