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Weekend Battle Report 3


So the other weekend 3 of us took the 4 hour journey up to WHW for the first #ForgeWorldOnly meet (Check out the projects blog and the founders twitter handle here). We showed off what little we had achieved so far and decided to get some games in on the cool boards @war_game_geek reserved for the day.

Note: In the end it was quite an adventure, besides me, Neil and Chris, only Andy (@war_game_geek) were able to attend. This would have been fine had my car not broken down, resulting in us getting towed home, eventually arriving back at 3am. I had no idea it was the duty of the tired and distressed passenger to keep the recovery guy awake by chatting solid for 4 hours. Needless to say I was shattered, very irritable and bloody broke. Got a couple of games in though so I guess that makes up for it? (second Battle Report coming soon)

Space Marines (500pt) and Battle Brothers Grey Knight detachment (500pt) VS Space Marines and Battle Brothers Tau Empire detachment (500pt)

Game Type: Zone War Mortalis, 1000pt boarding skirmish

Space Marines: 2 x 5 man Combat squads, 1 x Sternguard squad, 1x Terminator Squad and Captain. Grey Knights: Brother Captain, 5 Grey Knight Terminators

Space Marines: 2 x Tactical Squads, 1 x Sternguard squad w/ Space Marine Captain. Tau: 2 x 10 Fire Warrior teams, Kroot blob and hounds, 3 Stealth Suits.


Deployment: SP + GK win the dice roll and prepare to board a listing space hulk. Blasting their way through the outer hull they deploy to the port bow. Unknown to them their foe was to the opposite corner of the board, to the starboard stern, waiting. Soon they’re going to meet in the dark and dingy hull of the ship with only laser fire to light up the enemy.

Turn 1

Tactical squads and termies march down the ships corridors. This unit of hardened genestealer smashing roid machines know a thing or two about space hulks, but this smells different, smells worse. Not the kind of smell which causes a warrior of the imperium to shudder, but the kind that thinks, “sweet Emperor, that’s worse than my Astartes sack.” KROOT!

Gathering pace from the other side of the board they can hear the hounds and snarling of an advancing blob of Kroot.


Turn 2

Closing in on the enemy the boarding party realise they’re about to counter a long straight corridor of death.  There is only one thing for a battle hardened Marine to do in such a situation… let the newbies go first. Turning round the bend to face the pitch black they encounter their foe, Stealth Suits and Fire Warriors. Fearless and resolute, the Marines open up and take out a stealth warrior.

Returning fire with fusion blasters and burst cannons the Tau plough in, but Marine armour holds up.


Turn 3

The Marine Captain who has been attempting to outflank, walks into a corridor of waiting Fire Warriors. Hammer held aloft he piles in for an assault. These blue squashy aliens with their soft rubber gun buts are an unknown quantity to this captain, and amazingly he fails to wound, its snake eyes. But surely he won’t lose the assault and fall back? Oh but yes he does. Who put him in charge we’ll never know.



Further up the corridor is a battered stealth team and a soon to be gutted Kroot blob, because in come the steadiest of all space hulk destructive Astartes, Terminators, all of them called Arnie. Cracking skulls and making a right royal mess of things they win the assault. The Kroot have no choice but to break and run, and in doing so send fear into the hearts of their Marine allies who do likewise only to rally.


Turn 4

Going well for the invading party they push on, sending the Grey Knights forward to finish the Kroot and take out their allied Sternguard.

The Marine Captain standing in disarray and his pride broken regains his composure. Assaulted by Tau allied Marines he thinks, ah… finally a fight with something I understand. Unleashing his hammer he crushes four Marines, heads now splattered across the deck.


Turn 5

The defenders are finally rounded up and sliced, diced, gunned down… well, generally slaughtered to the last man/xenos.



Tau + Marine: Zone War Mortalis is fun but really you should take plenty of things for assault and anti termie weaponry. So lots of plasma and power weapons.

Marines + Grey Knights:

Hahaha…  HAHAHAHA….  *ahem* sorry. Yes, Terminators and rapid fire bolters are devastating in Zone Mortalis. I would like to play again with some assault cannons or autocannons too.

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