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Painting Imperial Fists – Action!

Chris here!

A while back I put up a plan of how I intended to paint up my Imperial Fists. I won’t lie I got distracted, mainly by Forge World suddenly announcing and producing all that resin goodness that is in the Heresy books! This was then further compounded by Games Workshop releasing the new Dark Angel codex.

Put simply my sons of Dorn are firmly on the back burner. But I did promise you lucky people a write up and some pictures so here goes.

So following the plan, well sort of. Stage one was clean the model up, technically stage two should have also been, if you are a hobby butterfly like myself, CLEAN THE MODEL UP!

Stage 2: Apply a white undercoat, I managed to stick to this 😉 all exactly to plan. Multiple thin layers of white under coat.

Stage 3: Apply some heavily watered down Dwarf Flesh (can’t recall the name of the new equivalent… ). Once dry it should look something like this.




Stage 4: Now dry brushing through to skull white. This went pretty much to plan. But once through was enough for me. It looks somewhat like this:




You can re-wash and then dry brush again. From previous experience I can tell you it adds depth to the recesses after you apply the yellow/orange ink. I opted for a cheap shot and it pretty much worked. I applied yellow/orange ink and once it had predominately dried, I added some orange ink directly to the recesses again. then once dried I painted on a very thin layer of pure yellow ink.

Comes out a little like this.




Now hopefully my madness of not painting yellow with yellow paint is justified.

Now once you got this far the rest is straight forward, providing you have a steady hand. Any mistakes herein will cause some serious friction with those you are painting around as the obscenities you are uttering will be shocking to say the least!

Next stage. I mixed up some black ink and Chaos Black paint, same thing can be up with Abbadon Black with medium – and then painted all the tubing that needs to be black/grey. A trick you can use here is use black mixed with a bit of shadow grey first, then use a thinned black, or the mix above over the top. Instant highlight. These guys where always going to be basic troopers so I needed something a bit quicker.

After that, I needed a colour for the shoulder pad trim, telling the truth I’m still not sure which one I prefer. I tried red, blue, black, green I still wasn’t happy over all so went with black as per the above method. This will allow me at some point to go back when I’ve made my mind up and settle on a colour.




The result after a little bit of extra work looks like this:




After all of that the bolter was painted separately – sprayed black, metal areas painted Boltgun Metal/Necron dry compound, inked with Gryphonne Sepia twice, lightly dry brushed necron dry compound and a little touch of chain mail. The casing was repainted black to offset the yellow armour and allow the metal area something so show up against – and then glued on.

For future painting tutorials I have invested some cash into a camera that isn’t pretending to be a phone 95% of the time, and some lighting.

Expect the following to arrive from the warp in a vastly decreased timescale. Deathwing made easy and Dark Angels – seeing as I have 60 of them to paint so best get some pics for you all and a tutorial to boot!

I may put up a Raven Wing one too as I will be painting a Nephilim fighter but don’t know how it would work yet on a bike.


Till next time.


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